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Stanley J5C09 Jump Starter

Looking at a Jump Starter?  The device has to perform at the worst possible moment, so stay with a brand known for product quality.  The Stanley Jump Starter J5C09 has the reputation the Stanley brand backing it up.  This particular model is not only portable, but also tit is full-sized. The battery boost is  large, but it is still portable.

A reliable battery boost has to revive dead car batteries and batteries of much larger motor vehicles.  The Stanley Jump Starter J5C09 handles both of these tasks with ease.   This battery booster is also heavier than your usual compact battery boost.

Power is expressed in watts.  Most car batteries today are twelve volts.  Power in watts is expressed as twelve volts times one thousand amperes  The power output is whopping twelve thousand watts with one thousand amperes of current available from the Stanley Jump Starter J5C09.  That is double the peak power delivered by more expensive brands. The Stanley Jump Starter J5C09 has been continually improved by Stanley, and its popularity worldwide is a testament to its effectiveness as a battery boost.

A dead battery can be a symptom of other electrical problems, but a dead battery in the in the middle of a busy highway is no place to be. The Stanley Jump Starter J5C09 will take care of your battery and get you moving again.  The massive power capacity of the Stanley Jump Starter J5C09 does mean a longer charging time .  It requires almost 20 hours of charging if you want to keep it in top condition at all times.

The battery of the Stanley Jump Starter J5C09 needs to be taken care of by regular charging and by monitoring the battery level when it is being used.  Do not use the Stanley Jump Starter J5C09 if the battery level indicator states that it is below maximum. A maximum charge is necessary to maximize the chances of reviving your dead car battery.

Other battery boosts have a lot of drawers and pockets.  The Stanley Jump Starter J5C09 does not.  Some buyers consider this a negative, but you have to understand that Stanley Tool Works is actually doing buyers a favor.

Because it doesn’t have the usual drawers and compartments for storage, the Stanley Jump Starter J5C09 can maximize its dimensions.   It is all battery, all power, all the time. Empty space or air pockets would mean a smaller battery.  Stanley chose maximum batter power over gimmicks.  This is a power source able to deliver a hefty surge of energy when you need  it most.

Heavy  duty alligator clamps and custom-fit cables means the connection between the battery boost and your dead car battery is problem free.  Do not settle for a battery boost that can only promises a small chance of success.  This battery boost will deliver the necessary energy surge at full charge.

The Stanley Jump Starter J5C09 also features the standard safety and alarm features of other battery boosts on the market today.  No worry about damaging your equipment if an incorrect connection is made.  The Stanley Jump Starter J5C09 sounds an alarm when the polarity of the cables are incor